Steel City Grille - Steel City Grill in Lake Wales Florida - SUCKS

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Do not eat at Steel City Grille in Lake Wales, FL.The owner Gary Boncci, is a theif and their food is no good.

Their employees are unsanitary and it's been said someone caught something from there. The owner is the GM of the mall and he has tried to shut down a lot of us in the food court.

I'm ASKING for everyone to stand together to help save all of our business in the food court and DON'T EAT THERE!!!!But, if you do eat there be careful about what you eat so you don't get sick.

Review about: Food.



I hearby retract my statement as what I have provided is false and misleading information and I acted in a selfish manner to protect my interest.I have also provided a false identity to this website for which I apologize for mis-using this site.

I sincerely apologize to Mr.Bonacci, the owners of Steel City Grille and the employees that work there.

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